Artist Statement

In my current practice, I engage environmental and sociopolitical issues by altering or recreating objects that represent various aspects of American culture and history to make monumental sculptures.  I have made pieces about Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy, global warming and oil consumption, and America's military history.  Through the objects I work with--a propeller and a parachute, playground slides, a World War II plane, oil barrels, a vintage gas pump, newspaper honor boxes, and dolosse, which are used to protect shorelines--and the processes I apply to them such as cutting, repurposing, mirroring, and reconstruction in different materials, I complicate the ways in which we think about these objects and their associations.  In this way, my work increases awareness of objects' pasts and symbolic qualities as they relate to American identity in order to invite viewers to imagine alternative futures.



University of Pennsylvania B.F.A. Cum Laude                                                                                   May 2009

Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts Certificate in Sculpture                                                             May 2008


Solo Exhibitions

Lenfest Plaza Philadelphia Outdoor Sculpture Installation                                                        September 2011

Eastern State Penitentiary Philadelphia Artist Installation                                                          April 2011-2012

Urban Outfitters Headquarters Navel Yard Philadelphia Icarus Performance                          September 2010


Group Exhibitions

Governor's Island Art Fair, Exhibitor, Governors Island, NY                                             September 5-23 2015

Socrates Sculpture Part EAF Exhibition, Long Island City, NY                           September 2014 - March 2015

Space 776: Kaleidoscope Ⅱ, Brooklyn, NY                                                                               July 17-30, 2014

The Active Space: Seeking Space, Brooklyn, NY                                                           May 30-June 29, 2014

Space 776: Kaleidoscope Ⅰ, Brooklyn, NY                                                                        February 13-26, 2014

West Collection: Pulse Miami, Miami, FL                                                                                  December 2012

The Philadelphia Salon: “Here Not There”, Philadelphia, PA                                                  July-August 2010

Moore College of Art Gallery: “2010”, Philadelphia, PA                                                               February 2010

Fleisher Ollman: “I Don’t Watch The Internet”, Philadelphia, PA                                               December 2009

Grounds For Sculpture: ISC Student Award Show                                                                       October 2008


Awards and Residencies

SOCRATES Sculpture Park: Emerging Artist Fellow                                                                                2014

West Prize Finalist                                                                                                                                     2011

International Sculpture Center: Outstanding Student Award                                                                    2008

Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts: Governors Award                                                                     2008

Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts: Cresson Academic and Travel Scholarship                    2007-2008

Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts: Fellowship Award                                                                     2007

Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts: Cullinane Prize in Sculpture                                                     2006

Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts: Ward Prize                                                                                     2006


Selected Publications

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Selected Online Publications

Wrestling Grumman Greenhouse into place – a photo post, Libby & Roberta, The Art Blog,, October 21, 2011

No plain greenhouse, this is a plane greenhouse, Peter Crimmins, NewsWorks,, September 26, 2011

Science Times, David Muenzer, The Art Blog,, May 29, 2010


Residencies, Internships and Fellowships

The Center For Emerging Visual Artists Fellowship     2010-2012

Art St. Urban Residency, Switzerland     2009